Registration Info

In 2016, Penn Leads the Vote registered just under 550 Penn students to vote in the presidential election! We were just one of several successful voter registration efforts on campus, and PLTV is thrilled to see so many of our peers leading the vote.  In order to be eligible to vote on Tuesday, November 8th, the Voter Registration Office must have received your application on or before October 11th. Check your voter registration status here.

If you did not register before the deadline or would like to change your registration, you can register online here after Election Day.

Are you registered to vote in your home state? Visit and select your state. CanIVote is a nonpartisan site maintained by the National Associations of Secretaries of State.

Voter FAQs

  1. What time are the polls open on Election Day? 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  2. It’s 7:59. The polls close at 8:00. There are 50 people in front of me. Will I be able to vote? If you are in line by 8pm, you must be allowed to vote.
  3. How can I check my voter registration status? Visit, or Text ‘PA’ to 286-83.
  4. I am registered to vote in Pennsylvania. Can I vote at any polling location? You must vote at the polling location associated with your address. To look it up, enter your address at this link:
  5. I have class all day and literally have no time to vote. Can I request an absentee ballot in PA? Only those who are away from home or those with a legitimate reason, such as military personnel and disabled persons, can request an absentee ballot in Pennsylvania. This varies across states.
  6. Do I have to show ID to vote? You only have to show an ID if you’re voting at your polling location for the first time.
  7. Will poll workers accept my Penn Card as photo ID? Yes!
  8. I never received my voter registration card. Will I be able to vote for the first time without it? Yes. Check your voter registration online first. If you are registered, bring your Penn Card in place of your voter registration card.

Questions? Contact PLTV at